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Quick L-Sit Tutorial

The L-Sit is one of the best bang-for-your-buck exercises for building strength and control throughout your body. Here, GMB Trainer Eduardo Orihuela (from All-Around Fitness in Chicago) takes you through a simple and quick tutorial on the main points to look out for in the L-Sit. See our detailed tutorial here: https://s.gmb.io/l-sit Here are the main points: 1. Tall posture: Make sure that your shoulders are pulled down away from your ears. 2. Elbow pits forward: This might cramp up your triceps, but fight for this as it will strengthen your arms and help you with straight arm work. 3. Lift knees to chest: This is where the balance and core really lights up. Make sure you’re able to keep steps 1-3 as you lift feet from floor. If you need to, just keep your toes on the floor for now. 4. Gradually extend and straighten: Make sure you’re able to keep steps 1-3 as you extend your legs. If you/re not at this level yet, no problem! This takes time, and you can speed up your progress by improving your compression strength and hamstring flexibility.

Posted by GMB Fitness on Wednesday, 18 September 2019

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